Day 62 – Running out of steam

Ah, the one day I actually don’t know what to talk about. I guess one thing is that I will be finally starting with Questrade soon, going to talk to one of their representatives tomorrow actually :D, so hopefully I learn more about their platform.

One thing I am kind of getting nervous about going back to University in the fall. I feel like I have forgotten a lot of what I have learned ☹, so this will be interesting when I go back. I know its irrational since I get the same feeling every single summer and my memory haven’t failed me yet. But this is the first four-month break so I’m getting a little nervous.

I think a good way to feel more comfortable is to remember that so many other people have already gone through this before you and they all didn’t forget. Well, didn’t do too bad after studying hard again. Maybe this is why your grade in University is so much more dependent on the final exam, since you’ll have more time to refresh your memory. It’s even more important for my school though, since we take a break every four months instead of eight months of school and then four month break.

Ah who am I kidding, professors and TAs just don’t have no time to mark a bunch of stupid small assignments. The education system is definitely flawed, and I’ve just found my topic for tomorrow 😊.



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