Day 63 – The problem of education

So, I left off yesterday with the notion that I will be talking about the problem with our modern education today. And that is exactly what I will do. There are many issues, and I most likely don’t know the full details, but one of the worst problems is grade inflation. I mean, just looking at how 90+ averages are the norm now, and almost seems like a requirement for getting into the more difficult programs.

I don’t know how long this can last though, as grades continue to inflate, the minimum averages are just being raised year after year. Some programs have “minimum” entrance averages of 95%+, as in you will have almost no chance of getting in unless your high school average was above 95%. Now this would already be a major standalone issue as you can’t keep raising the entrance requirements forever, but this issue is compounded by the fact that grades aren’t equal.

An average of 90% at some small town high school might be the same difficulty to obtain as a 70% average in a more academically challenging school. This is not an exaggeration, it’s just how unbalanced the system is today. Schools are not equal, yet students will be judged as if every single school had the same difficulty. While they may have the same curriculum, your mileage may vary for what is actually taught in the classroom. Heck, you may even have a drastically different score than your classmates in the same school depending on how your teacher grades.

This is why there is definitely merit to standardized testing, and while it does even the playing field, it comes with its own host of problems. The most prominent of which is causing teachers to teach the test, instead of teaching the content.

I know it’s bad to criticize without offering up a solution, but the modern education system is so plagued with problems, and there doesn’t seem to be an appropriate solution. Honestly, I’m just waiting for the day when we can get implanted computer chips and just download the collective human knowledge (the internet) onto our brains. Or just have an efficient brain internet interface, allowing for instant access of knowledge.

Once this becomes possible, the entire education system will have to be revamped, as all the pure memorization tests will become obsolete. And most mathematics up until the post-graduate level will become second nature to people augmented with a computer processor.

I wonder if academic education will even be required then, maybe the focus of education will shift to emotional and social development. An area where modern education has failed for countless children, probably including myself.



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