Day 64 – Hardly working

Finally made it through another week, I really want to just push through the rest of this term and get back to learning :/. I really can’t imagine people working jobs they don’t enjoy, or working for more like 50 hours a week. Heck, me working 50 hours a week already feels insane.

I’ve read a bunch of articles claiming that shorter work weeks actually increase productivity and benefit not just the workers, but also the companies they work for. The productivity per hour decreases as your hours increase, and if you continually get burned out, this can impact future productivity as well. I would imagine the standard 40 hours feels much better than the 50 hours I am currently doing.

Another way to decrease the stress on workers would be to have the standard 40 hour week, but work 10 hour days instead of 8 hour days. The three day weekend feels much nicer than a two day weekend. Heck, having Wednesdays off instead would mean you only work two days in a row, which feels much better than having to go to work four or even five days in a row.

There is also another common type of work schedule that is working four 9 hour days, an 8 hour Friday, then four 9 hour days the next week and take Fridays off. Thereby still maintaining the 40 hour work week. Apparently, this is what some engineering consulting firms do, and thus I add another criteria to the job I want 😊.

Don’t want to end up as one of those construction site supervisors with 60+ hour weeks, the extra pay ain’t worth the extra life I give up.



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