Day 65 – On fire

Driving for long distances really suck :/, my feet literally started hurting after 2 hours. I don’t know how someone can drive for so long, hearing people driving for 20 hour road trips just sounds crazy to me.

To be honest, I just want to get back to school already, work seems to just be burning me out at this point ;-; (hence the on fire title, get it? haha :D). Will also need to redo my resume soon to prepare for the next job search, starting like two weeks into school. Got to ask some upper years to destroy it first to be honest, I need to find a better job next term.

Also, it seems that since each ETF is worth something in the 25-40 dollars per share range, me putting in 100-200 per month is going to make this a difficult thing to balance :c. I guess I didn’t plan this out very well haha. I might need to re-think this plan… ah well, it’s such a small sum right now so I guess I’ll just start building it up and see what happens.

Not much to say today, and tomorrow I shall go on a biking adventure in the rain 😊 so there will be lots to talk about.



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