Post 67 – Back from Break

Ah, the break from posting really was a great idea. This week was much less stressful than previous ones, I was crazy to stress myself out for a blog. In other news, I have finally finished reading the three introductory books to investing as suggested by /r/personalfinancecanada. I also put my first $1,000 into ETFs, probably going to sell what I have with Tangerine right now and give the money to my mom to invest into her TD e-series funds soon.

It’s kind of surprising how little the representatives at TD Canada Trust know about the e-series funds, I guess they aren’t told anything since TD doesn’t want them to advocate it. The application process was pretty annoying as the representative doesn’t even know if you filled out the form right since it has to be reviewed by TD Waterhouse. Sent it in for the second time this week, so hopefully it works out and they manage to open her account.

Also going to try to take a four hour bike ride tomorrow all the way to Scarborough Bluffs, hopefully I won’t die half way there. Will take some nice pictures and add to this post tomorrow 😊.



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