Day 60 – Game of Work

They say that the moon is tidally locked to earth, such that one side is always facing in our direction. This means that one day on the moon is literally forever, which is roughly the same length as your shift on a Monday at work. I know this isn’t actually true, but it sounds like […]

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Day 58 – Sadlife

Life feels very strange right now. I don’t even know why, I just couldn’t feel the emotion of happiness. I mean, you can laugh now and then, but after that short high, it’s just a steady emotional state of feeling shitty. I guess somethings wrong with me, I just don’t know what. Went to another […]

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Day 57 – Grinds

I’ve been wondering to myself my I’m still writing if no one reads, but I guess I am writing for myself, so it’s okay if no one reads it. I also procrastinated writing this again because I was playing a game 😛 whoops. I think a routine is really setting in right now, every day […]

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Day 56 – Miner

Welp, looks like I procrastinated on writing this again whoops. Today wasn’t very exciting to be honest, but I finally finished helping my mom with the forms for opening a TD Mutual Fund account capable of holding e-series funds. I hope the account gets set up soon. Better to start saving for retirement late than […]

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Day 55 – Net Neutral

Some crazy stuff happening with protecting net neutrality today, unfortunately I am living under a rock and haven’t been follow the news, but at least I know what net neutrality is. Just in case you don’t know, it’s our right to a free and equal internet, without it, ISPs can throttle the speeds of specific […]

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